We'd love to have you stay with us this fall and winter at Aqua Beach Hotel! Of course we completely understand your concerns, we appreciate the forethought guests put into their travel plans. As for our preventative and sanitary measures we do indeed have methodology in place to assure a safe and comfortable stay here with us at the hotel. We offer contactless check-in / check-out procedure to limit guest contact and exposure with staff and other patrons, you can call or email us to request a contactless check in,  and we advice self check out. All staff and customers are required to wear masks unless seated while on the open area at property.


In addition to our strict mask policy, we have established several hand sanitizer stations throughout our property to provide for easy access-as well as adhering to the 6ft rule applied to our lounge and dining room.


The cleaning staff that are tasked with cleaning the rooms are equipped with fresh cleaning supplies for each room they enter. Each room requires an additional 20-30 minutes of "deep cleaning" on top of their normal duties to assure that we provide a safe space for your stay, we do not allow any early check in or late check out  in other to keep just the current guests at the property. We are currently using UV light to disinfect small items such as room keys, tv remote, light switches. Housekeeping will minimize contact with guests while cleaning hotel room, cleaning  service during your stay is as per your request. 

If you or someone in your household is sick, has been exposed to, or traveled within any of the countries or states identified as having widespread transmission of COVID-19, please stay home per the CDC’s guidelines and refrain from visiting the Aqua Beach Hotel.

 We pride ourselves on our services and hope very much that you would consider staying with us here at Aqua Beach Hotel. We understand that no system or measure may be considered infallible. Should these measures not address your concerns we would be happy to discuss a later date once the pandemic passes. 

 We recommend following the information provided on the CDC website for ways to protect yourself from COVID - 19:  www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about